5 Print Ads

This is a print ad for an Aid Charity.  The colors are very faded and the ad is very torn.  This is very common for this country because they are in constant war.

This ad is depicting more freedom for the Afghanistan People.  This is a young girl from Afghanistan who is not happy.  She has the traditional cloths on and long hair.

This ad is also for more support in Afghanistan.  This picture is showing a landmine that exploded under a sidewalk.  The picture is in black and white and very faded like any of the websites and ads.

This Ad is a pair of bloody underwear and also is a cry for help for the people of Afghanistan.

This print ad is the only one that is not a cry for help. This is a news agency in Afghanistan that provides up to date news for the country.  It is also printed in black and white to give it a dimmer appeal.

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Picture This p.373

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Focus and Respond p.372

1. This is a very interesting paragraph in this article because he is basically describing how people react to the new promotions on the Sims game.  He uses very happy and enthusiastic punctuation in this paragraph and even uses repetitive words to get his point across.  The one word I would use to describe his tone in the paragraph would be sarcastic.

2. I personally, have never played any of the Sims games but I would imagine myself as more of the materialistic type player.  I would want my home and yard area to be perfect and filled with cool and interesting things.  I would also play from a friend making aspect as well. The reason I would want material things in my home was to impress friends and gain a good reputation in society.  I feel like people would act similarly to real life when playing this game but with a little more greed because all in all, it is a virtual life and you can have more things and nicer items.

3. First of all this was very shocking for me to read because I have never played this game. I believe that this game can fill a social function to a low class social structure.  I feel like this is an inappropriate representation of society and is not a good outlet for people to play especially younger people who are more impressionable.  I feel like some people behave this way and most people do not.  I feel like this game was created for people to just do whatever they want and I really do not see that as a good thing because it might actually make people go out and do something like that.  I feel like art, journals, therapy, and even sports is a much better way to spend your time because it provides constructive feedback rather than killing your neighbors.

1. I feel very strongly about this issue in society and I refuse to conform to it.  I have never been a big TV or video game person because I have been so involved in sports, coaching, and working my entire life.  I absolutely despise every reality TV show and video game out there because I feel like they are all fake and do nothing but teach people bad things.  The only TV channel I will watch is the History Channel because it actually provides useful, historic, information that may actually come in handy one day.

2. The video game the Sims has a very good marketing strategy.  They market there product as a way to get away from real life.  I feel that being somebody else could be a good outlet for people to get away from the stress of the real world.  It also give a person a sense that they can be whoever they want and that is a nice freedom.  It also has some bad effects.  The one main thing is that people get stuck in a fictional world of video games and believe that they can do whatever they can do in the game and this is not true.  Some people take it too car to the point where it changes there lives and this is defiantly a negative effect.

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Snapshot p.396

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Focus and Respond p.402

1. In this photo collage, the argument that is made is, “an iceberg with the photograph tiny at its tip.” Elaine Reichek also goes on to say that “the very idea that that’s all there is to say is part of and attitude, cultural stance, a politics, an ideology, a whole mental structure of which the camera is only a small part of.”

2. This statement made by Reichek means that you cannot understand the full meaning of the situation by 1 photograph.  There is a much deeper meaning beyond the still picture of the moment; what happened before or after.  A photo collage would work better in some situations because you can give the viewer a brief story or background of what is happening with more than one picture.

3. She wants to be the woman to put a kink in photography with photo collage because it is more telling to the viewer about the picture without the use of captions or assumptions.

1. In Red Delicious, Reichek’s argument is that all people should be created equally.  She uses the term “Oreo” and “Apple” to describe black people and Native Americans.  This photo collage is geared more towards the Native American culture and depicts how they can be part of the “white” culture as well.  The pictures show Native Americans trading and getting together with white people so show that they are not that much different.


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Picture This pg. 494

The movies I chose to complete my final blog about is called Osama. Here is the cover of the movie:

Summary-The Taliban have taken over the country of Afghanistan and they do not believe that women should be allowed to work.  This movie is based on a family of 3 women, a child, her mother, and her grandmother.  The mother lost her husband and uncle in a soviet invasion and they have no way to support the family because the Taliban took their jobs at a local hospital.  The mom and the grandmother decide the only thing to do is to disguise their preteen daughter as a boy so she can support the family.  The Taliban recruit all young boys for school, which includes military training.  This makes it very hard for Osama so keep here secret and is eventually caught because of menstruation.  She is put on trial and her life is spared because she is very young and helpless. Instead of death, she is sentenced to a husband who already has 3 wives and keeps them locked in their rooms with padlocks.

I thought this film was very good and it defiantly shows the type of difficulties that the people of Afghanistan go through because of constant war.  One thing that is symbolic in this movie is when Osama plants a lock of her hair in a flower-pot so that her femininity can flourish.  This is a very sad movie but it correctly shows the constant struggle of war and dictatorship that engulfs this country.  The movie takes a normal, non-radical family in the country of Afghanistan, and shows how the government takes their jobs away and forces them to go through drastic measures to put food on the table.  It also shows the difficulties that this young girl, Osama, goes through starting with trying not to be recognized as female working in a males job. Osama worked for a milk truck delivery man who was good friends with her father who passed in the war.  she does a good job, but is recognized by one of her male friends, Espandi, who actually renames her Osama.  Then she faces another challenge; government mandated schooling and military training for all young men.  she successfully battles through this schooling, even through the washing processes that are called ablution.  The one thing that she cannot control is menstruation.  This is what gets her caught and put on trial.

Here is the movie poster I designed for Osama:

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Snapshot pg.331

This Picture is of my and my friends at the Junior Semi-Formal in Newport.  There are 2 people in this picture that could be but are not because they are sophmores.  I have 7 close friends at school here and two of them, Trevor and Danny are missing from this picture.  My girlfriend took this picture and she was left out because we wanted to do a picture with just the guys.  We tried to take the best possible picture in this situation so all of us are smiling and having a good time.  This was a very fun night and we were all very happy.

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Picture This pg. 304

1.) Here is the breakdown of our schools undergraduate population:

There are 2221 males and 3014 males on average at RWU.

In this image there appears to be 4 people that are different races.  There are 5 people in this picture that appear to be White/Caucasian.

In this image of RWU students there is 1 person out of 4 that appears to be ethnically diverse.

The information that i have found searching images from RWU is that they have included many different races in pictures on there websites to promote diversity in the school.  The breakdown of students that are culturally different is much different in the pictures then the actual data.  The school tries to portray a diverse cultural in the pictures on the websites and the pictures that they have when you search for them.  This is very interesting because it is non-diverse campus, but they are trying to promote diversity in a full effort to be as diverse as possible.

I believe that the school pictures of sports, eating, graduation, etc. represent the schools correct diversity plane, but the pictures of students dircetly on the website do not.  They try and  make sure that incoming students see that it is a culturally diverse place, but in reality thats what they want, its not what they have.

Article Title: Diversity At RWU

Roger Williams University has been promoting diversity for many years and the slogan “learning to bridge the world” has help the school in doing this.  The school actually does not have a very diverse culture as the pictures on the website suggest.  The school is becoming more and more diverse by the year, but the images do not portray the correct statistics.  I agree with this method because the goal of the university is to become a diverse place, so showing images of different culture groups on the website is very smart.

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Focus and Respond pg. 303


Captain America fits a “perfect” image of an American citizen.  He is tall, white, strong, and wears the countries colors.  This directly relates to the 1940’s because the dominant race was white and all other races were looked down upon and segregated against.

I cannot think of any superhero that does not fit a stereotype but I have found that superheros from the past are much better for young buys to look up to.  Iron man for example, when out of costume wears fancy cloths and jewelry to seduce women and had large, high-powered guns he shows off.  When looking at old superheros, they are normal, nice people when they are out of costume.  This is much better for young boys to see.


The Green Lantern

Real Name: Allen Wellington Scott

Occupation: Broadcasting executive

Height: 5’11”

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

First Appearance: All-American Comics #16 July 1940

The Green Lantern wore a power ring, which enabled him to fly, to walk through solid objects (by “moving through the fourth dimension”), to paralyze or blind people temporarily, hypnotize them, to create rays of energy, to melt metal as with a blowtorch, to cause dangerous objects to glow and it could also allow him and others to time travel.

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Pg. 219 focus and respond

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